Melissa Reeck
Melissa Reeck's Fundraiser

Running LA Marathon 2019 to Help End Homelessness.

Homelessness is nothing new. It exists here, in the United States. Homelessness is at a crisis level in LA.

$1,558 towards $2,000

My name is Melissa. On March 24th, 2019, I'm running the LA Marathon. I'm running the marathon on the very streets on which I train every morning.

I train on Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd. I train in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey. I can't help but see the homeless on literally every street, on every block, in every city in and around LA.

I'm not fearful when I run - I am vigilant but not fearful. I look at the homeless encampments and see how they do their best to maintain their area - cleaning up their space in the morning, folding their clothes. I see how they've tucked themselves into doorways with sleeping bags and under benches with makeshift mattresses - into bus shelters and cars. I'm not fearful when I run - I'm heartbroken.

I hear their chatter. I hear their plea for help. I hear their ramblings indicative of mental disorders.

Homelessness is at a crisis level in LA. Don't believe me - ask the United Nations. The UN recently compared the homeless situation in LA to Syrian refugee camps. The thing is, this isn't a foreign country. This is a first world country - our country, our home. This is my home. These are my streets.

I don't want to point fingers and place blame how homelessness got to the level it has. But here it is. So what can I do? What I want to do is help solve it and end it. Not through band-aids, but through true, deliberate and thoughtful change.

I reached out to PATH to see if they were a charity partner with the LA Marathon. They were not and it was too late for them to join in 2019 - but they are exploring a partnership with the LA Marathon in 2020.

So for 2019, to help the homelessness that is here in LA, I ask for your help. A small donation will go a long way to help meet my goal for PATH. Let's support a little good in the world and make that little difference. Help me end homelessness with PATH. Thank you!