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You can help end homelessness!

We can’t do this without you.

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Now more than ever, your homeless neighbors need you!

PATH serves over 16% of the homeless population in 150 cities with over 60 locations in California. PATH operates services across the state, connecting our unhoused neighbors to a comprehensive service that meet people where they are. These services consist of homelessness prevention, street outreach, employment preparation and placement assistance, individualized case management, Veteran services, family services, primary health care connections, independent living skills, mental health counseling, substance use treatment, community workshops, interim housing, and permanent supportive housing

It has never been more important for us to meet the critical needs of those we serve, and keep those in our care safe and healthy. As we continue our work in the community, we need your help.

Please donate to help ensure we can continue to provide life-saving services for those living without a home. While our teams continue to work for our unhoused neighbors, we still believe that everyone should stay home for the sake of our community. Now more than ever, community is so important—we're thankful to have your support.